The Youth Board offers exclusive services to all its members in the following categories:

  1. Industrial Attachment: The Youth board actively engages employers who are in need of skills and matches them with out-of-college graduates who work under supervision to hone their skills and gain the relevant experience.
  2. Job opportunities: The organization creates a database of the available job opportunities in Kenya and all over the world that our members can access.
  3. Business opportunities: The Youth board acts as a platform where youth in business can access the available opportunities in the field of business by continually looking out for opportunities in the market.
  4. Legal aid: We link members who are in need of legal aid in their businesses to members who are in the legal profession who can offer the service pro-bono or for a nominal fee.
  5. Capital linkages: We have created a mechanism through which the youth can access financing for their businesses and projects they are engaged in.
  6. Incubation Centers: Jointly with partners, we endeavor develop business incubation centers where start-ups can be housed with all the necessary business support services.


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