Who we are

The Kenyan Youth Chamber of Commerce simply known as the Youth Board is an organization that has been established to undertake the interests of the Kenyan youth in respect to commerce and entrepreneurship. The Youth Board is a non-profit organization that consists of business individuals who represent various sectors across the country. We sit at the heart of the Kenyan business community in Nairobi, working with enterprises of all sizes.

Our Mission: Our mission is to make the Youth Board a vital part of business growth and success. We intend to do this by protecting the interest of young Kenyan entrepreneurs and sharing information and expertise.

Our Vision: Our vision is to see young Kenyan entrepreneurs grow their businesses to surpass the national and regional arena and delve into international business modules that can be replicated by other countries.

We advocate for issues on behalf of our members. As entrepreneurs, only we are in the unique position to fully understand the needs of the business community. We will voice your concerns and opinions regardless of where you are located or the size of your enterprise.

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