About us

The Kenyan youth board is a not-for-profit organization established in the interests of Kenyan youth with respect to commerce and economic development. The board was founded in …… in accordance with the Societies Act of Kenya and structures its activities in line with Kenya’s vision 2030.

The board envisions to  engage, consult, educate,represent and advocate for the Kenyan youth in areas of concern across all sectors within the country and beyond. Membership to the board is drawn from both individuals and organizations interested in pushing the board’s, agenda.

The youth board creates a platform for the youth to articulate economic issues affecting them, exchange ideas on how to tackle them and consultatively craft pragmatic strategies to develop members’ economic potential.

The organization’s membership is open to Kenyan youth who wish to develop their socioeconomic status through the available programs structured to address the most pertinent issues that face the Kenyan youth today.

Our Mission: Our mission is to actively engage the Kenyan youth who are a vital part of the country’s economic growth and success by consultative and cooperatively developing our members’ capacity for economic productivity, championing their economic agenda, communicating opportunities, protecting their interests and sharing information and expertise.

Our Vision: Our vision is to see young Kenyan entrepreneurs as the biggest players in developing Kenya’s economy in all sectors.

The youth board also pivots Kenya’s youth chamber of commerce which is a network of all the Kenyan youth in business.

Our Objectives

  1. To advocate for the establishment of effective entrepreneurial training courses and capacity building programs.
  2. To impact the youth to hold the highest standard of work ethic and professionalism.
  3. To work with relevant bodies to stamp out substance abuse.
  4. To lobby for policies and legislation that bring about a positive environment for business and wealth creation.
  5. To work as the voice behind commerce reforms geared to help the Kenyan youth.
  6. To represent, manage and defend the commercial and industrial interests of the Kenyan youth.
  7. To combat constrictive bureaucracies and legislative measures.
  8. To act as mediators with representative bodies in matters affecting youth economic development.
  9. To provide valuable information concerning investment, trade and the economy to all registered Youth Board members.
  10. To uphold and advocate for use of set business ethics standards.
  11. To encourage young Kenyan entrepreneurs to take part in matters involving trade and commerce.
  12. To provide mentor-ship and networking opportunities through seminars, gala dinners, workshops and conferences.

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